Orders and Pictures:

After you place order, please upload the images or email us at dragonmossart@gmail.com To ensure the best outcome, please provide high-quality images of your pet, showing the face, chest, belly, both sides, and tail.


Material and Production:

Q1: What material are the plush and golf club covers made of?

A1: The plush animals are crafted with a combination of soft plush, high-quality polyester fur, and fluffy cotton fillings.

Q2: What types of animals can you create?

A2: Our most popular orders are for custom dogs and cats, but we can also make other furry animals such as mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds such as Pigeons and Cockatiels (please select size 6-9 inches) , and horses (please select at least 18 inches).

Q3: How big is your plush pet?

A3: Our measurement is from the top of the head to the end of the butt (excluding the tail). To create plush replica with the correct proportion, please select the correct size of your pet on the ordering page.

Q4: What about the mouth shape? (Please add a note at the ordering page)

A4: We offer three choices: 

     -Closed no tongue

     -Closed with tongue

     -Open with tongue

Q5: What body positions can you make? (Please add a note at the ordering page)

A5: We offer three positions:



     -Laying (standard)


Order Status:

Q: How can I track the progress of my order?

A: We will send you three notifications:

  1. A notification that the design has started or additional information is needed (within 1 week)
  2. A notification that production is complete, including preview images (approx. 2-4 weeks)
  3. A notification with a tracking number when your order is shipped (approx. 2-4 days after your approval).